Disinfecting Spray For Public Spaces

Learn How SRFC Bio Protects Public Places

Protecting Your Public Spaces

Whether in a big city, small town, crowded building or lonely room, bacteria and viruses are sure to gather. But SRFC Bio RS protects your space by eliminating germs on contact surfaces.

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Schools should represent places of safety for students and teachers alike. And that includes protection from disease and sickness. SRFC Bio RS disinfecting spray is an efficient and effective technology that keeps surfaces safe long-term. Creating a residual barrier of protection, it’s perfect for high-traffic contact areas, like bathrooms, lockers, and desks.


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities must meet high demands for sanitization and cleanliness. Otherwise, the very diseases they treat could turn rampant. SRFC Bio RS disinfecting spray kills bacteria and viruses on contact and keeps disinfecting for up to 24 hours. And that makes it the perfect antimicrobial for keeping patients and staff safe.


Parks offer the perfect getaway from the hectic nature of life. But they’re also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. Especially public restrooms and other high-traffic areas. SRFC Bio RS keeps killing bacteria and viruses for up to 24 hours. So, it’s the perfect solution for city officials who want to keep citizens healthy while using their facilities.

Common Areas

SRFC Bio RS disinfecting spray works across a wide range of public surfaces and common areas. So, no matter the need, it takes care of bacteria and other germs that spread from one person to the next.

Disinfecting Spray that Keeps on Working

Protecting high-trafficked surfaces remains critical to public health and safety. And since SRFC Bio RS disinfecting spray kills bacteria and viruses for up to 24 hours, it’s the perfect solution. Just spray and walk away.

Keep Your Space Safe

Bacteria and viruses don’t respect borders. So, they’ll jump on the next closest surface, whether at hospitals, schools, parks, or any other public spaces.

But trying to eliminate them with conventional disinfecting spray is a hassle. After all, most products only work while still wet. So, when you wipe them up, the germs can move right back in.

If you really want to protect your spaces, SRFC Bio RS is the perfect option. It keeps working even after it dries. And with no sticky residue, you get clean, 24-hour protection.

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