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How Residual Technology Works


It’s not enough to just wipe germs away. With our superior, long-lasting, residual antimicrobial spray technology, we can defend surfaces everywhere, for everyone, all the time.

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How Residual
Antimicrobials Work

Traditional antimicrobial products clean contaminated surfaces by killing bacteria and viruses on contact. Residual antimicrobials perform like traditional products on contact, but also provide persistent antimicrobial activity. SRFC Bio utilizes advanced polymer chemistry to create a barrier of continuous protection, reducing the potential exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Designed for
Easy Application

Products made with SRFC Bio’s innovative technology work as one-step cleaners and disinfectants, saving you time while delivering continuous antimicrobial protection. When used as directed, it’s simple, just spray and walk away.  

Invisible & Safe
for Surfaces

Our residual antimicrobial spray can protect hard and soft surfaces from a wide range of microbes. While designed for use on high-touch surfaces like door handles, bathroom stalls, elevator buttons and counter tops, it also protects hard to clean surfaces like curtains and carpets from deterioration caused by bacteria. All without leaving any sticky residue.

Patent Protected

SRFC Bio products are patented and registered in several countries.

In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency reviews and approves residual products. According to the EPA, “The benefits of having a longer-lasting antimicrobial product are important, especially when cleaning and disinfecting a surface or object cannot be accomplished every time someone new touches it.”

SRFC Bio holds over 100 patents globally on its technology.

Residual Antimicrobials: New Era of Cleaning

Explore the transformation in cleaning and public health as this white paper unveils the power of residual antimicrobial spray. Dive into a new age of disinfection, revolutionizing our approach to hygiene and well-being.

The Power
of Surface

Surfaces are everywhere. Hotel rooms, waiting rooms, elevators, workstations, kiosks, day cares, the list goes on.

With our groundbreaking technology, we create an active antimicrobial barrier of protection for a continuous clean and sustaining efficacy.

The future of surface safety is here – defying expectations and defending peace of mind on any shared surface.

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