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Why Do You Need an Odor Eliminator?

Undoubtedly, we’ve all stepped into a room at some point and turned up our noses, wondering what could’ve caused such a bad smell. Even in the neatest of spaces, you might be surprised to stumble across a bad odor every now and then. That’s because the bacteria that cause these unpleasant scents often live undetected all around us. They thrive in trash cans, congregate in messy cars, and dive into diaper pails like they own the place – and in a sense, they do. That’s why it’s important to keep an odor eliminator on-hand. That way, the nasty smells that accompany a busy life don’t have to bother you.

However, it’s worth pointing out that there are many different odor eliminators, and they don’t always come in the same form. For example, if you search online, you’ll find a whole array of aerosols, sprays, gels, and other products that claim to get rid of bad smells. So, it can be difficult to know which odor eliminator will work best for your needs. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a short list to help explain some of the pros and cons of different options out there.

So, if you’re stuck trying different deodorizers without finding one that really works for you, check out our thoughts below.

Finding the Right Odor Eliminator

1. SRFC Bio RS Spray

Many of the products in our list act as multipurpose solutions for various problems, and SRFC Bio’s RS spray demonstrates this perfectly. Initially designed as a residual disinfectant, our solution kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. And that also makes it great at deodorizing different spaces. In essence, rather than masking bad smells, like many aerosols do, SRFC Bio’s spray kills the bacteria responsible. Moreover, because it keeps eliminating bacteria for longer amounts of time, it keeps your areas smelling fresh day after day.

Now, it’s important to recognize the limitations of different odor eliminators as well. And because SRFC Bio’s spray can prove harmful if ingested, you shouldn’t use it on food-contact surfaces. However, as approved by the EPA, the solution is completely fine for eliminating smells in trash cans, diaper pails, and other bacteria-rich areas. It smells faintly like lavender, and the scent fades quickly. Furthermore, the spray leaves no sticky residue – that way, you can spray and walk away.

Beyond it’s primary use as a disinfectant for hard surfaces, you can also use SRFC Bio’s spray on soft surfaces. For example, curtains, carpets, and other fabrics that begin to smell over time. Thus, it acts as a multipurpose deodorizer. Rather than spraying and wiping it away after a certain amount of time, you simply let it air dry and go to work. Of course, as with any spray, you should patch test it beforehand to ensure positive results for your specific surface.

So, if you want to do more than simply mask scents, make sure you try SRFC Bio’s RS Spray.

2. OdoBan Disinfectant Spray

Similarly to SRFC Bio’s RS spray, OdoBan claims to sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize pre-cleaned hard surfaces. However, it also works to eliminate different bacteria responsible for bad smells on washable surfaces as well. These might include upholstery, carpets, walls and floors. In those respects, OdoBan appears extremely similar to other Odor Eliminator sprays. Interestingly, this solution also claims to be an effective air freshener. So, you don’t necessarily have to spray it directly on surfaces to achieve a cleaner air quality.

Many customers praise the product for its great smell and effectiveness. However, others note that it ended up leaving a strong scent they were unable to get out of carpet and other soft surfaces. So, purchasers should definitely patch test the spray before actual use to avoid these sorts of issues. Furthermore, because OdoBan is technically a pesticide, it’s vital to follow the given instructions to avoid harm to pets or other individuals in your household.

3. Zero Odor

So far, each odor eliminator has relied on a solution that directly attacks and kills the bacteria responsible for bad smells. However, Zero Odor spray takes a different approach, relying on molecular technology to turn odor molecules into non-odor molecules. As far as actual information on how this process works, Zero Odor seems fairly nonexplicit. However, it does note that this process too strays from masking scents and instead permanently eliminates them. Thus, it remains effective for scents like mildew, smoke, diapers and sports equipment.

Still, it’s worth noting that Zero Odor doesn’t necessarily protect you from the bacteria that causes the smells in the first place. It simply addresses the scents. So, if you’re hoping for a product that does as much in the way of disinfecting as deodorizing, this might not be your option. Regardless, Zero Odor does present a relatively safe option for eliminating odors where they don’t belong. In fact, it’s non-toxic, non-allergenic, cruelty-free and biodegradable. So, you can use it liberally without fear of negative health impacts.

4. Arm & Hammer Deodorizer

Arm & Hammer is one widely recognizable brand which sells various products for odor elimination, most of which rely on baking soda solutions to help keep small spaces smelling fresh. Unlike other options on this list, most Arm & Hammer solutions feature containers that buyers place in various rooms for long-lasting odor control. For example, the Moisture Absorber & Odor Eliminator, which claims to eliminate musty scents for up to 60 days.

One benefit of this sort of odor eliminator is that it refrains from relying on potentially dangerous chemicals. You simply open the container, place it somewhere out of the way, and dispose of it when it’s run its course. However, this also means that it doesn’t necessarily address the root issues causing odors in the first place. So, while it claims not to simply mask smells, it might mask the causes. Furthermore, it works best in smaller spaces, such as closets, mud rooms, and laundry rooms. And if you’re looking for a solution that helps larger buildings stay smelling fresh, it might not get the job done.

As such, Arm & Hammer presents a helpful, fast-acting solution that requires minimal effort. However, if you want a more effective product, you might need to look elsewhere.

5. Febreze Unstopables

Febreze Unstopables comprises a line of various products meant to deodorize and freshen. For instance:

So, this line obviously covers a variety of different bases and applications where an odor eliminator could prove helpful. Furthermore, these products are generally safe to use around children and pets, except for birds, which have a sensitivity. However, Febreze makes no claims about masking scents or eliminating odors. So, the Unstopables line most likely covers up the bad smells rather than eliminating them entirely. As such, you’ll likely need to continue using them frequently in order to deal with odors effectively.

6. Lysol Air

Lysol Air Sanitizer spray comes in six different scents to give you an array of different deodorizer options. Similar to other surface sprays, this odor eliminator works by targeting and killing bacteria in the air, taking out the source of smells. However, while it’s proven to kill 99.9% of airborne bacteria and viruses, it only works on contact. So, it doesn’t have the same residual efficacy of other solutions like SRFC Bio and OdoBan. But if you’re hoping for a quick option to freshen up a room, this could be a helpful product to check into.

Otherwise, if you want a long-term solution that eliminates dangerous microorganisms for up to 24 for hours, consider other options on this list.

7. Ozium Odor Eliminator

Admittedly, parsing all the details of various odor eliminators and sanitizers gets fairly complicated, and it can end up more confusing than helpful. Especially since the EPA places such a heavy emphasis on using correct terms (i.e., the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting). So, it’s almost a welcome relief that Ozium Odor Eliminator makes only two major claims:

  • Ozium cleans the air you breathe
  • It eliminates odors

Simple enough, right? This product has been in use for over fifty years, originally as a method of combating airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals. However, because it also attacks odor-causing bacteria in the air, it acts as a deodorizer too. Like Lysol Air, this product primarily works as an air spray, not a surface cleaner. However, it boasts being applicable to any environment, from bathrooms and smelly cars to shoes and dirty clothes. However, because of its active ingredients, it still poses some amount of danger if kept in reach of children or pets. So, users need to apply it as directed.

Furthermore, it seems to suffer the same pitfalls as other airborne solutions, lacking residual efficacy. So, if you want a long-lasting solution that’s proven to eliminate 99.9% of germs and viruses, chance looking at another product.

8. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel is more akin to Arm & Hammer deodorizer, since it relies on a physical package you tuck away in a room. Rather than spraying a solution every so often, you simply find a good spot for the container and let it sit. The gel itself is made with natural plant oils instead of harsh chemicals. So, it’s perfectly healthy for children and pets to be around.

However, because it acts by absorbing odor molecules, it doesn’t address the bacteria creating them. So, you won’t get the same level of safety as with other products, even if it effectively reduces the smells. In that sense, if you only hope to eliminate odors, this product could work well for you. Especially because it relies on natural ingredients. However, if you want to take care of the source, it might be best to check into a solution that actually kills bacteria.

9. Clorox Disinfecting Mist

We’ve already discussed Clorox Disinfecting Mist as a disinfectant spray in other blogs, but because it works to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces, it bears repeating here. Whenever a product attacks and eliminates bacteria, it kills the root of odor issues. So, even if a solution is primarily geared toward disinfection, it also acts as a deodorizer. The primary difference between solutions at this point is their effectiveness.

Clorox Disinfecting Mist claims to kill the majority of bacteria in a space. However, it only does so on contact, as long as the surface is wet. So, whenever it dries or you wipe it away, it stops eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Thus, you might have to reapply it several times a day in order to get the same efficacy that other products offer with one spray. For example, SRFC Bio keeps disinfecting 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24-hours, even after the surface dries. So, both as a antimicrobial and deodorizer, it lasts longer. So, while Clorox Disinfecting Mist might get the job done, other sprays could still prove more efficient.

10. Funkaway Odor Eliminator

The Funkaway brand provides many different sorts of products, all aimed at eliminating odors in different spaces. For example, they have aerosol spray, closet refreshers, odor eliminator beads, and so on. However, unlike other products, Funkaway makes no claims as to the longevity of their solutions. Instead, they simply note that whenever something begins to smell, you can spray it again. So, unlike residual sanitizers and disinfectants, it seems only to mask scents and requires repeated applications.

Still, the benefit of this spray is that it works on certain things that you can’t normally wash – sports gear, pet items, shoes, and more. So, if you need a quick refresh on something that smells bad, Funkaway could prove helpful. Otherwise, if you want to ensure your area stays safe and odorless for long periods of time, check out something like a residual antimicrobial spray.

Discover What Sets SRFC Bio Apart

Out of all the products discussed, one thing should be clear. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution that attacks and kills bacteria rather than masking smells, you need a residual disinfectant spray. SRFC Bio provides just that, with a solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24 hours, and it keeps eliminating them for even longer. That way, your space doesn’t just smell fresh, it stays safe as well.

But don’t take our word for it – grab a bottle of SRFC Bio’s RS spray today and try it for yourself.

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