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Science Behind the Sanitization: Meet SRFC Bio President & Chief Science Officer Bob Godfroid

Welcome to a world where cleanliness is next to wellness! At SRFC Bio, the future of wellbeing is the driving force behind breakthrough solutions that help eliminate disease transmission. This biotechnology company is leading the charge in developing continuously active antimicrobial surface cleaners and coatings.

The team at SRFC Bio, made up of leading scientists, chemists, microbiologists, and product developers, works to create products that not only meet the needs of consumers but improve lives. In this blog, we will explore the work of Bob Godfroid, the President and Chief Science Officer of SRFC Bio. Moreover, we’ll look at his mission to change the paradigm of disinfection by developing continuously active antimicrobial technology.

Now, delve into the science behind the sanitization and discover how SRFC Bio commits to creating a future of wellbeing.

Career in Science

Bob Godfroid, President and CEO of SRFC Bio, is a well-respected scientist boasting a distinguished career in product development and innovation. He has made significant contributions to the field of consumer goods. For example, inventing products such as Swiffer and Febreze Small Spaces, which have had a major impact on society and made people’s lives easier.

In a recent interview, Bob described the curiosity and fascination with how and why things worked that led him to pursue a career in science. Initially, Bob became interested in chemistry and the forces driving chemical reactions, like the processes behind fire and explosions.

However, his thirst for knowledge didn’t stop after he earned a BS. After a short stint in the chemical industry, Bob went back to school to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. “After grad school, I went to work for P&G where I developed technology for laundry and cleaning products,” he said. “Fewer explosions, but still fascinating.”

Life-Saving Mission

One of Bob’s greatest career achievements so far was winning the John Smale Innovation Award at P&G. He also takes pride in having invented products like Swiffer, Swiffer WetJet, and Febreze Small Spaces. These products have had a significant impact on society, making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.

For example, an ergonomic study of elderly consumers using Swiffer showed that the product had an incredible impact on their satisfaction with cleaning tasks they struggled doing. “The results were amazing in terms of allowing them to feel satisfied and accomplished in cleaning tasks that they could no longer comfortably do–like getting down on the floor to scrub with a sponge and bucket,” he said. “It makes their lives easier.”

Bob’s personal and career mission is to invent products that meet the needs of consumers and improve their lives. “At SRFC Bio, the mission is even more impactful and can arguably be aimed at SAVING lives. That is an even greater challenge,” he said.

Antimicrobial Breakthroughs

Bob joined the SRFC Bio team while working as a consultant during the pandemic. He was attracted to the challenge of changing the paradigm of disinfection by developing leading-edge and science-backed infection control technology. This resulted in the concept of long-lasting antimicrobial coatings.

His role was to improve the product for a next-generation version that would fix some of the issues around difficulty to apply, stability, and suitability to regulators. SRFC Bio’s RS® and Pro products are the result of years of development and innovation. “Collaboration and teamwork have been absolutely critical to this innovation,” he said.

The SRFC Bio team combines both chemistry and microbiology capability in its labs, allowing it to create formulations and immediately test them for antimicrobial efficacy. Bob is proud of the team at SRFC Bio, which is incredibly passionate and committed to making a meaningful change in the transmission of microbes that make people sick.

“The success we had in developing SRFC Bio’s RS® and Pro products is just the start,” he said. “The platform is very flexible and we have plans for Generations 4 & 5 already in development. There is a lot to do in this space.”

The Final Frontier for the SRFC Bio President

An avid follower of every NASA Apollo or Space Shuttle mission, Bob has always been attracted to the interface of science and exploration. However, he said his biggest scientific influences are scientists who work on the edge of the unknown, breaking new ground and inventing solutions to previously unsolvable problems.

This is what led Bob to SRFC Bio and the prospect of discovering a new approach to disinfectant technology. He believes that his work in developing antimicrobials that change the paradigm of disinfection is particularly impactful, given the devastating effects that pathogens can have on human health.

“Some 1 million people are injured by preventable bacterial infections while in the hospital, and kids and athletes are constantly in fear of a MRSA infection,” he said.  “It’s a mission that a scientist/explorer undeterred by potential failure cannot resist.”

Bob and the rest of the SRFC Bio, Inc. team work to create breakthrough solutions that help eliminate disease transmission and improve the lives of people. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to improving society, SRFC Bio is changing the game in the world of disinfection, making the future of wellbeing a reality.

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