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Breakthrough Antimicrobial Technology Ends Surface/Safety Tradeoffs

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Today, the pace of innovation is increasing, exceeding any other time in history. We carry supercomputers in our pockets, cars drive themselves and commercial space travel is nearing the mainstream. Yet, when it comes to one of humanity’s most basic health and safety needs – effective surface disinfection to reduce the spread of disease – little has changed since the 1900s. In fact, most cleaning products on the market today are similar to formulations that have been used for decades. And even those that claim superior technology come with sensory trade-offs that can inhibit full efficacy.

Meanwhile, following COVID-19, consumers and operators alike are more concerned than ever with safety and sanitization of public environments. Even as immediate pandemic urgency fades, one major flight industry publisher names sanitization and “touchless experience” near the top of their list of 2022’s most important airport and airline industry trends. This theme echoes in multiple sectors, ranging from sports and entertainment to hospitality as well as retail and beyond. Wherever people gather, the stakes for hygiene are high.

As such, our team at SRFC Bio is poised to fill a critical public health gap with revolutionary cleaning technology. Moreover, we provide superior efficacy with none of the trade-offs associated with other commercial-grade surface disinfection solutions.

Antimicrobial Technology: Not Just Different, But Better

SRFC Bio technology provides robust 24-hour antimicrobial protection with a unique solution that dries to a crystal clear coating. Moreover, it’s nearly undetectable to sight, touch and scent. When applied as directed, it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on hard, non-porous, non-food contact surfaces for 24 hours. This constitutes residual protection that persists uninterrupted, even under conditions of normal abrasion, such as door-handle usage or tabletop wipe-down.

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Unlike other disinfection solutions that lose potency when surfaces are wiped, SRFC Bio keeps working. This is thanks to a unique polymer structure that draws the product’s active components to the treated surface in a long-lasting bond. As a result, operators can be confident of consistent antimicrobial performance for a full 24 hours between product applications. This remains true even through normal daily cleaning and usage routines. SRFC Bio also provides benefits to soft surfaces such as upholstery and drapes by preventing discoloration and deterioration caused by bacteria, mold and mildew.

In developing the SRFC Bio formula, perhaps our most important breakthrough came in the realm of product aesthetics. Our study of the residual antimicrobial technology industry identified several sensory drawbacks – especially surface tackiness – as a major obstacle to appropriate and thorough product application.

Because proper usage is essential to achieving full benefits, we held ourselves to a no-compromise standard on sensory measures. A Clear, non-oily, non tacky finish ranked among our mandatory criteria for successful formulation, and we're proud to have met that bar with no compromise on efficacy.

The Advantages of a Small Team

Research and development in the field of antimicrobial cleaning solutions has long been dominated by large companies whose business models favor iteration over true innovation. Rather than introducing entirely new approaches, new product introductions usually only address specific usage occasions or provide enhanced convenience.

At SRFC Bio, we’re breaking this convention with a small, intensely motivated interdisciplinary team of chemists and microbiologists driven to make a genuine long-term impact on public health. Moreover, our small size and startup-style culture nurture high-speed collaboration and flexibility that simply isn’t possible in a more traditional corporate R&D environment. So, working together in a fluid, nimble process, we screened thousands of possible formulation combinations to unlock the secret to superior yet undetectable residual protection.

At SRFC Bio, we’re determined to do more than just improve the existing toolkit for shared-space health and hygiene. We plan to transform it. And our groundbreaking formula is just the first step on a journey to a healthier world. Accordingly, the environments that bring us together – from stadiums to airports to theme parks and schools – are cleaner, safer, and more thoroughly protected from the threat of contagion.

If you’d like to learn more about our revolutionary residual antimicrobial technology and how it can elevate your sanitization protocols, contact us to get the conversation started.

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